Open-World MMO ‘Boundless’ Coming This September to PS4

Today, development studio Wonderstruck officially confirmed that their interplanetary sandbox MMO, Boundless, is going to be released on PlayStation 4 and PC come September 11, 2018. The Boundless MMO really looks promising and it just might be your cup of tea if you prefer a kind of free-roam, exploration game.

Yep, I know what you guys are thinking: this is a game that’s been uncovered ages ago. Initially, they revealed Boundless as a goal-funded project way back in 2014. The game also made an appearance during the PlayStation Experience’s Showcase.

Since then, the upcoming MMO (published by Square Enix) managed to hit Steam early access since 2014, where it carried the title, Oort Online. Eventually, it was revealed that Sony backed the project. Enjoy the brand new, PS4 launch trailer below:

Boundless is set in a procedurally generated world. Players can explorer and travel from planet to planet by, you guessed it, constructing portals (well I guessed it). They hail the game as mostly an open-world experience. Once gamers are set on the planet they prefer, they can also set a variety of objectives on their own. Developer Wonderstruck says there are “settlements to be built, trades to be made, and creatures to hunt […] You can be a mighty warrior, a wealthy merchant, or maybe an expert builder.”

[Source: PlayStation Blog]