Check Out Boundless’ Shared Universe in New Trailer

Developer Wonderstruck’s sandbox game Boundless was shown off during the PlayStation Experience’s Showcase and was playable at the event. Now the UK-based studio is allowing more players to understand just what exactly their upcoming PlayStation 4 game is by releasing a brand new trailer. You can check out the three-minute video above, which we’ve embedded for your convenience.

Boundless‘ key concept is that every single player is a part of the same online universe. It’s full of connected worlds that players can explore and modify to their likings. Here’s how the game’s director, James Austin, explained the game over at the PlayStation Blog:

Every world in the universe is visible in the sky of every other world, either as a point planet for distant worlds or a stunning real time planet rendered in the sky. You can look up in the sky from your home planet, see another world, see another civilisation living on that world and see everything that its inhabitants have constructed.

Using your sacred Totem you can mark a location at any point on the remote world, construct a portal, activate the marker, and open a live doorway into that world. If the terrain looks stable, the atmosphere seems breathable, and the creatures are at a distance – then it’s safe to instantly step from one world into the other.

Even more details are explained over at the PlayStation Blog, so give the post a read if the upcoming PlayStation 4 title interests you. Boundless is expected to release next year on PlayStation 4.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)