Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery Expansion Coming this Fall

The latest Star Trek series is coming to the world of Star Trek Online. Publisher Perfect World has announced a new expansion for the game, called Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery. Historically speaking, this expansion is being marketed as the first time Star Trek Online will have content to go along with a Star Trek series currently on the air.

Age of Discovery is set in the year 2256, right in the middle of the Klingon War. Players will create a new Discovery captain, and then team up with Cadet Slyvia Tilly. Tilly is a character directly from the Star Trek: Discovery show, and is played by Mary Wiseman. Wiseman of course voices the character in the game as well. In Age of Discovery, players will be able to access a new Discovery era tutorial, two new episodes, new Reputation Tiers, and a new queue now called Task Force Operation.

A new trailer for Star Trek Online: Age of Discovery (which you can watch above) shows the in-game debut of the USS Discovery, just as it encounters a sinister-looking ship several times larger. Apparently, this content will be released across multiple installments, the first of which will be launching for PC later this year, and sometime soon after that for PlayStation 4. For what it’s worth, season two of Star Trek: Discovery is also in the works, set to debut on Netflix sometime in 2019.

[Source: Eurogamer]