Approximately 1300 Rainbow Six Siege Cheaters Have Been Suspended

Be careful how you boost in games, as it might get your account suspended, as is the case with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The game’s publisher, Ubisoft, has announced that 1300 Rainbow Six Siege cheaters have been suspended. According to a blog post by Ubisoft, this mass suspension happened in just one week.

The blog post, found on the official Rainbow Six Siege site, talks about the measures that the developer is enacting in order to catch and prevent cheating in the game. “This week, we suspended approximately 1300 players that we determined to have been boosted by cheaters,” the official Rainbow Six Siege blog post says. “These players were suspended for 15 days, which many in the community feel is not harsh enough. They will also not benefit from their illicit activities come the end of the Season.” Ubisoft makes it clear that it doesn’t know how else to penalize cheaters, but the company did confirm that players’ “rank and rewards [will be] removed prior to the launch of Season 3.”

Ubisoft also makes it clear that this temporary ban is not what they are considering a solution, but rather a stopgap as they work on a larger solution involving adjusting MMR gains and losses. There is also a two-step verification process that Ubisoft is looking to put in place for ranked matches to help mitigate problems.

In April of this year, the game’s official Twitter account announced that Rainbow Six Siege reached 30 million players. With that many players, it might seem inevitable that someone would take a stab at cheating in the game. But with 1300 cheaters suspended and with Ubisoft also laying down the ban hammer on people for using slurs, it’s safe to say the company is looking to make the community as civil and safe and welcoming as possible. Be warned, Operator, Ubisoft is watching you.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

[Source: Ubisoft]