Digimon Survive Gameplay

See Digimon Survive for the First Time

Bandai Namco recently livestreamed Digimon Survive, giving fans a first look at the upcoming game. The footage gives us a window into its story and combat.

At the beginning of this Digimon Survive video, dialogue is the focal point. Players click through the conversation and occasionally have some options to choose from. Remember, in this game, your choices matter. The 2D character art has an enchanting softness to it, befitting the visual novel genre.

This snippet of Digimon Survive gameplay shows the character in a classroom setting. Like you’d expect from narrative-driven games, the player can interact with a few items in the room. By hovering over objects, the player could check the chalkboard, open the nearby locker, and rummage through the desks at the back of the room.

While Digimon Survive has visual novel elements, turn-based battles feature prominently too. We get a firsthand look at how fights function in this footage. Things seem fairly slow-paced, but the complexity should make this facet fulfilling for players.

Overall, this snippet provides some insight into what players can expect from Digimon Survive.

We’re still waiting on more information regarding Digimon Survive. It’s set to release in Japan in 2019 for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. A Western release has yet to be confirmed.