Dark Pictures Anthology Fourth Game

The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me Will Be The Fourth and Final Chapter of the Anthology’s First Season

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes releases tomorrow and players will be able to get their first glimpse at the next title in the anthology. Following in the footsteps of previous titles in the anthology, a teaser trailer for the upcoming title is shown at the end of House of Ashes. The fourth game will be called The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me and will be the final title in the first season.

The title comes as no surprise seeing as a trademark filing had already revealed the game’s name and a black and white logo. The teaser trailer, which has already been uploaded by Youtuber BIGDADDYJENDE, seems to be teasing a serial killer and a monstrosity he has apparently created from a human corpse, a hydraulic system, and voice recorder. It seems like the cast will face a series of his traps with the actions of others likely deciding whether they escape or die, similar to past titles in the anthology.

The Devil In Me will be the fourth title in the anthology. Man of Medan kicked everything off with a tale about five friends who embark on a diving holiday but soon find themselves trapped on a ghost ship. Little Hope then followed with a group of students who survive a bus crash only to find themselves in an almost-deserted ghost town whose remaining inhabitants aren’t always human. The penultimate season one title is House of Ashes. This features a squad of Special Forces hunting for weapons of mass destruction at the end of the Iraq War. Instead they find an ancient Sumerian temple and it seems like they’ve awakened something that isn’t happy to see them.

The three games are available individually or as a three game The Dark Pictures Anthology bundle. It’s likely The Devil In Me will follow a similar pattern, arriving individually or as part of a Season One bundle. More information on The Devil in Me is expected from Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games soon.