EA Q1 2019 Financial Results Show Rise in FIFA Sales and The Sims 4

Electronic Arts has sent official word unveiling the company’s preliminary financial results for its first fiscal quarter for 2019, ended June 30, 2018. Before we go any further, you have to remember that the publisher isn’t just relying on old franchises. Right now, they have a lot riding on BioWare’s upcoming game, Anthem. They also have Battlefield V on the way.

Back to sales figures. First off, life simulation and house-building game The Sims 4 has shown growth of its player base by 35% year on year. This is most likely related to the game’s console launch, which happened back in November 2017 (three years after the original released).

What really stands out among all the numbers is the glowing success of EA Sports’ FIFA video game series. The FIFA series has indeed performed superbly across the globe, sales wise, of course. It has been noted that 15 million unique players experienced the World Cup add-on. In addition, over 20 million have tried out the current season of FIFA competitive gaming, coupled with an 80% increase in viewing figures. What’s more, the FIFA Mobile app also launched and topped iOS download charts in China, which naturally contributed to the overall financial growth.

“Across new games, new platforms and new geographies, we connected more players around the world to more great entertainment in our first quarter of FY19,” said CEO Andrew Wilson. “We are striving to pioneer and lead for our players, with new EA Sports games and content on every platform, a first-of-its-kind subscription in Origin Access Premier and growing competitive gaming tournaments for FIFA and Madden NFL coming in the months ahead. With every game, every service, and every experience, we are taking steps toward our vision to connect a billion people in play.”

Where would you like to see EA invest the most? Which video game franchise? Feel free to discuss the EA Q1 2019 financial results in the comment section below.

[Source: MCVUK and EA]