Insomniac’s Spider-Man Game Has Officially Gone Gold

While we eagerly await early September to get our hands on Marvel’s Spider-Man, the game’s developers have announced that the Spider-Man PS4 game has officially gone gold. Insomniac Games—the studio that brought us games like the Resistance trilogy and the original Spyro series, as well as one-offs such as Song of the Deep and Sunset Overdrive—took to Twitter to deliver the news. To be honest, though, we’re surprised the news didn’t come to us via the Daily Bugle. Guess that’d be pretty hard with our Web-head trying to stop Mr. Negative.

Although it’s highly unlikely Spider-Man will get a swanky gold suit to commemorate the game going gold, it seems Marvel’s Spider-Man will have a few extra goodies when it hits digital and physical store shelves in September. During San Diego Comic-Com 2018, which ran from July 19-22, 2018, it was hinted that Spider-Man would face off against more than the seven villains already revealed. Sorry to disappoint Venom fans, but he won’t make an appearance in the game. Jacinda Chew, Insomniac Games’ Art Director, straight up said he’s “too big to fit into [the game].” But, if it’s any consolation, you can manually change the weather, after you finish the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man will be swinging onto the PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018. If you can’t wait a month until then to see more of Marvel’s Spider-Man, check out this 19-minute gameplay demo that shows more of the game’s open-world.

[Source: Twitter]