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FIFA 19 New Features Detailed in ‘Pitch Notes’

With virtual soccer season nearly upon us, EA clearly feels it’s time to share a little more about the FIFA 19 new features on the horizon. In its own pun-based brand of introspection, termed “Pitch Notes”, the developer has laid bare what to expect from the series’ latest iteration.

There will be four major gameplay features coming to FIFA 19: Timed Finishing, Active Touch System, Dynamic Tactics, and 50/50 Battles.

Out of the four, Dynamic Tactics seems the most interesting by far, with EA promising that ‘Tactics have been balanced so that each tactic has an advantage and disadvantage that can be exploited.’ Expect more chess-style battles between opponents online in what will surely provide a welcome shot in the arm for the previously-stagnant system.

But what about the pure pleasure of boot meeting ball? That’s received quite an overhaul too, with both Timed Finishing and Active Touch system adding an extra layer of control to proceedings. Timed Finishing, an optional mechanic, will test players’ skill with a, you guessed it, timing mechanic, not too dissimilar to golf games. One tap of the shoot button as the ball comes to you will set up a shot, while a second press, depending on where the ball is in correlation to your player, will unleash a shot.

The Active Touch System, meanwhile, should allow more control over the ball than ever before, with a wide array of new flicks and feints at your disposal.

Finally, the 50/50 Battles do pretty much what they say on the tin. You’ll be able to duke it out with an opponent in a system that ‘gives the players a new sense of physicality and urgency to fight for loose balls.’

All in all, a quartet of interesting additions, and ones sure to make FIFA 19 favorites to be king of the beautiful game once more. For more on the game, be sure to read our FIFA 19 hands-on preview.

[Source: EA Sports]