New Valkyria Chronicles 4 Prologue Trailer Introduces the Heroes

Sega’s back with another Valkyria Chronicles 4 trailer, but this one’s different from the game’s opening movie, which we reported on a few weeks ago. This new video introduces us to the Valkyria Chronicles 4 prologue, showing Squad E preparing for their first engagement against the Imperial Army.

You can check out the new Valkyria Chronicles 4 prologue trailer below.

The trailer starts with a brief monologue by Squad E Commander Claude Wallace, before we’re greeted by a gorgeous watercoloring that is then rendered in 3D. It’s a beautiful transition that illustrates the pastoral scenes war sometimes produces. From there, Wallace, with pen and notebook in hand, jots down the unit’s tasks and conditions. At one point, he accidentally drops his pen on Sergeant Raz’s face who, waking him. Raz claims he was just resting his eyes.

The tone quickly shifts when Squad E is notified that an Imperial Army unit on its way to the squad’s location. The rest of the team—which includes First Seargent Kai Schulen, Sergeant Miles Arbeck, and good boy Ragnarok—pop up from beneath the flowers to listen to Wallace’s orders. Things are about to get very serious for Squad E, but we’ll have to wait until September 2018 to see the results of this skirmish.

Valkyria Chronicles 4 is out now in Japan for the PlayStation 4, with the Nintendo Switch version arriving later in Summer 2018. The international release, which includes Xbox One and PC versions, is currently set to appear on September 25, 2018.

[Source: COGConnected]