You Won’t Need to Raid Any Tombs to Acquire this New Tomb Raider Merchandise

Lara Croft may be gearing up for her newest adventure in September’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but now you can get your hands on some gear too. Numskull Designs has just announced a new set of Tomb Raider merchandise. The set will include designs featuring both modern-day Lara Croft, and her earlier 1990s incarnation.

With the Shadow of the Tomb Raider hat, sweatshirt, and messenger bag, you’ll be perfectly equipped for any adventure. The set also includes a wallet and purse to hold your belongings on your journey. You can even get a recreation of Lara’s iconic pickaxe in keychain form. Other Shadow of the Tomb Raider items include mugs, a candle, and a watch.

For Tomb Raider fans who prefer the original (if slightly less realistic) version of Lara, don’t worry, there’s plenty for you to get jazzed about, too. A collectable pin features Lara in all her PS1-era glory, complete with shorts and dual pistols. If you prefer a more practical use for their collectibles, Numskulls is also releasing a set of four Tomb Raider coasters. Recreations of the box art for the PS1 Tomb Raider games, your guests may get a bit of a shock when you place your glass on these!

Numskull is certainly making the rounds with video games licenses. The company also announced a Destiny 2 line earlier this week. The Numskull Tomb Raider merchandise is available to preorder now and will be released on September 14. If that date sounds familiar, that’s the release date of Shadow the Tomb Raider, which recently went gold. Eidos Montreal even gave us a brand-new trailer showcasing the “stunning” world Lara will explore.