Moss Soundtrack Available Now, How to Get it For Free and Download to a USB Drive

Jason Graves’ excellent Moss soundtrack is out now, featuring nearly an hour of haunting and emotionally charged music across 11 tracks. Players who purchase Moss before August 17 will get the full soundtrack for free as a thank you gift from Polyarc. This includes everyone, from original PSN owners of the game, to the newer Steam, Vive, Oculus, and even physical editions. The process to redeem your free Moss soundtrack is a little bit different depending on where you purchased Moss, so we’ve outlined how to get yours here.

How to Get the Moss Soundtrack Free on PSN

  1. Head into the PlayStation Store on the PSN account you purchased Moss on.
  2. Search for “Moss Soundtrack” (it was the top option for me after typing MOS)
  3. If you own Moss, the soundtrack should show free. If it shows $9.99, you’re on the wrong account.
    • If you are reading this past the August 17 date, it will also require you to purchase it.
  4. Download the application (don’t worry, you’ll get to take them off of your PlayStation).
  5. Run the Moss Soundtrack application with a USB thumbstick inserted into the PS4.
  6. The application will transfer all 11 tracks to the thumbstick automatically.
    • You may need to format the thumbstick so that the PS4 can use it as a storage device. I used one that I use for screenshots and videos.
    • You can delete the application after this. If you ever need to get the tracks again, it is now redeemed as “purchased” on your account.
  7. Plug the USB drive into your computer and the Moss soundtrack is yours!

For Other Platforms/Physical Purchases

  • Steam: Gamers will find the soundtrack in the DLC section of Moss as part of the game update hitting August 3, 2018. Players have until August 17, 2018 to download the MP3 files, before the soundtrack is removed from the DLC section of the single game purchase.
  • HTC Vive: HTC will send gamers an email with a code allowing them to redeem and download the soundtrack from Bandcamp after August 17, 2018.
  • Oculus Rift, Amazon, GameStop, and Physical Edition: Polyarc will send gamers a code allowing them to redeem and download the soundtrack from Bandcamp after August 17, 2018. Gamers need to send [email protected] proof of purchase by August 18, 2018 to be eligible.

Remember to redeem your free Moss soundtrack by August 17! After that, the promotion ends (but is it really so bad to pay a little money to support the artist?).

If you don’t own Moss, you can still purchase the soundtrack. If you’d like to take a listen to a sample of what’s on the soundtrack, Polyarc and Composer Jason Graves released three tracks from the album earlier this year. The full Moss soundtrack is also available to listen to on Spotify.

The Moss soundtrack is just one piece of an incredible game, made by a passionate group of developers that wanted to create an engaging, emotional, and immersive VR experience. Our Moss review looked at the whole experience, but we dove even further into the design and creation of Moss in our developer interviews with Composer Jason GravesSound Designer Stephen Hodde, and Animation Director Rick Lico.

Have you redeemed your free Moss soundtrack yet? Let us know what you think of the full thing in the comments below.