The ‘Moral Compass’: EA Creates Team to Gauge Microtransaction Implementation in its Titles

One of the biggest video game stories last year was the Star Wars Battlefront II controversy. The publisher is still trying to redeem itself in the eyes of gamers when it comes to in-game purchases. Of course, removing them isn’t the answer (but was a temporary solution), because they simply make too much money. However, that doesn’t mean EA isn’t carefully examining how to implement microtransactions in the future.

According to Executive Vice President Matthew Bilbey, the publisher is implementing what he calls the “EA moral compass” moving forward. In an interview is, Bilbey noted that a team was created specifically for the purpose of integrating microtransactions into its releases. The goal of the team was to “redesign [EA’s] game development framework and testing platforms to ensure we’re giving our game teams the right guidance…at the beginning of development,” he stated. This includes testing these features with gamers early. These testers are crucial to EA having guidance on the best way to integrate in-game purchases.

EA’s new moral compass is about “ensur[ing] those pillars of fairness, value, and fun are true.” With Battlefield V having microtransactions at launch, a repeat of the controversy that befell Battlefront II was not an option. However, with in-game purchases being for cosmetic purposes only, it looks as though the publisher is learning its lesson. Despite the legal status of microtransactions in question, the company has an overall positive outlook on them. The Vice President of EA Sports said they were “sustainable” in the long term.

What do you think about EA’s new approach to microtransactions following the Battlefront II disaster? Do you think in-game purchases are bad? Or do they not bother you one way or another? Let us know!