Battlefield V To Include Microtransactions for Cosmetic Items Only

Battlefield V microtransactions will, indeed, be a thing upon the game’s launch on October 19, EA has confirmed. However, those expecting another Star Wars Battlefront 2 situation can rest easy. Taking a leaf out of Fortnite’s book, only cosmetic items will be able to purchased using real-world currency.

A “premium” currency will be able to be used to buy cosmetic items in-game. As of writing, it is not known what those cosmetic items will entail, but you can image gun skins, costumes, and probably some very silly hats are all high on the agenda.

Alongside the premium currency, there will also be what is being referred to as a “grind” currency. As the name entails, this currency can only be earned through gameplay. Battlefield V microtransactions, on the face of it, appears to be for those who want to get a leg-up when it comes to putting down some coin for non-gameplay items. There has been no confirmation yet as to whether you can use grind currency to purchase cosmetic items or whether they are for premium currency users only.

It is worth noting, too, that Battlefield V is not coming with loot boxes in the wake of the recent gambling scandal, nor will it use a Premium Pass to charge for any post-launch content, including (but not limited to) new maps and DLC add-ons. It’s a fair deal, in all honesty. If you want some gnarly-looking skins while charging into battle then, sure, go nuts. The rest of us will be storming Normandy Beach without pink-hued Lugers and diamond-encrusted rifles.

[Source: Polygon]