No Loot Boxes in Battlefield V, EA Confirms

Word that Battlefield V would be doing away with its Premium Pass got many people thinking that loot boxes would be a major part of the upcoming Battlefield experience. All of Battlefield V’s post-launch content and events will be free to all players, including maps, modes, items, and challenges. Despite this, EA confirmed to Kotaku that there are indeed no Battlefield V loot boxes.

The quote from EA, which was obtained via email by Kotaku, doesn’t beat around the bush at all. “I can confirm that there are no loot boxes,” the EA rep said. While this doesn’t rule out some kind of microtransaction element to keep a revenue stream open for the game, it seems like EA and DICE won’t be messing around with Battlefield V loot boxes at all. Whether this decision comes as a response to last year’s Star Wars Battlefront II loot box backlash is unknown, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find out the their monetization plans were shaped by that event. Currently there are a number of countries that have deemed loot boxes in games to be illegal gambling, including Belgium.

Battlefield V’s reveal took place yesterday, with DICE talking about a lot of new content for the game and showing off a fresh and action-packed reveal trailer. The series will be heading back to WWII and will feature new game modes and intriguing new ways to play. DICE has done a lot of work changing and evolving the systems that people know Battlefield for in order to make this a more tactical game that players can play in their own way. The development team at DICE discussed how they wanted players to create their stories in these unique theaters of war, and to see WWII from a different perspective.

Are you happy to hear definitive confirmation that there will be no Battlefield V loot boxes? How do you think EA plans to open a revenue stream for post launch support of the game?

[Source: Kotaku]