Check Out the Action-Packed Battlefield V Reveal Trailer, Launching in October

Today’s Battlefield V reveal has brought new a brand new action-packed trailer and details about the franchise. Following leaks and rumors earlier this year, DICE confirmed that the series will be returning to its roots and going back to WWII. The development team is looking to bring a fresh perspective to WWII. They are trying to deliver an experience that no one has ever had before and tell the untold stories of WWII. War stories are back, introduced in Battlefield 1, and will allow players to experience WWII from multiple angles in an anthology format.

DICE is making numerous advancements in their series. The shockwave force from explosions will knock players back. Buildings and terrain are more destructible than ever. They’ve overhauled the Battlefield V movement system. There are all new weapons and tanks, and they’ve further reworked the realism of those pieces of gear.

Fortifications are a brand new gameplay element that will allow players to reinforce buildings, set up foxholes, and build other structures, changing the strategic ladnscape of the battlefield. You’ll be able to build your own personal collections of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles onto the battlefield, allowing players to tell their own stories. There will be a lot of customization in Battlefield V, including weapon skins and the look of your own personal soldier.

Grand Operations is a brand new multiplayer game mode that spans multiple game modes across multiple maps, taking place across four fictional days. The culmination of these four days will end in a “last man standing” game mode, which sounds a lot to me like battle royale of sorts. More will be revealed at EA Play in June. The event will allow attendees to get their hands on Battlefield V multiplayer for the first time.

Battlefield V will be launching worldwide on October 19. EA Access subscribers will have the opportunity to play the game starting on October 11, and Deluxe Edition purchasers will get the game on October 16, three days ahead of the worldwide release. Pre-ordering Battlefield V will grant early access to the open beta.

What did you think of the Battlefield V launch trailer?