New Update Adds a Train Fight to Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts, everyone’s favorite zany brawler from developer Boneloaf and publisher Double Fine, has a new stage. Starting today, players will be able to throw down on top of a moving train as it barrels around a mountain, and deal with everything that comes with that. Yes, I mean there will be falling rocks.

The trailer shows all kinds of shenanigans involved with the stage, including the aforementioned falling rocks, other obstacles such as wooden boards, and even signage that can appear alongside the tracks and ruin your opportunity to climb back aboard. The train itself is also unstable, and can be seen falling off the tracks (and cliff) in the video, taking everyone else down with it.

Along with the train level, there’s also a selection of new outfits being added to the game, for further customization options. Included are occupational getups such as fire fighters, pirates, frogmen, beef mascots, and rail workers.

The update is free, and out now. Boot up your PS4, dress up your Jelly Thugs in new outfits, and hop on top of that train for some good, old-fashioned violence.

Gang Beasts is of course out for the PlayStation 4, and currently costs $19.99. The game is also available on PC on several platforms, including Oculus.