Gang Beasts Gets Thrown Into Stores With Physical Release

Gang Beasts will continue to deliver the pain to a store near you when Skybound and Boneloaf release a physical version.

More details about the boxed version will come at this year’s PAX East. The game will be playable at Skybound’s booth.

“We’re excited at the scope and potential for new content, audiences, and modes of play that Skybound’s publishing services can open for Gang Beasts,” Boneleaf’s Co-Founder James Brown said in the press release.

Skybound has recently pushed its gaming division with upcoming physical releases of other games, such as 2D hand-drawn fighter Skull Girls, action platformer Death’s Gambit, and the classic RPG Baldur’s Gate. These games will also be playable at their PAX East booth.

Skybound Games also funded the development of the remaining Telltale Walking Dead episodes for its final season after Telltale Games closed down suddenly late last year.

The eight player brawler Gang Beasts features gelatinous beings fighting for survival on various treacherous buildings and obstacles. The result is typically comedic as you throw your friends and rivals into precarious situations like being taken off a building or throttled by a train. It’s pretty horrific, now that you think about it, but the atmosphere of the games are light and bring out that party vibe.

Chandler Wood said in his review for Gang Beasts that “the jelly physics of up to eight players smashing into one another and trying to toss each other over the edge is great fun in theory, but becomes more of a frustrating chore and test of patience in practice.”