(UPDATE: Telltale Comments) Telltale Games Co-Founder Confirms Studio Closure

Update: Telltale issued a statement on their Twitter confirming the layoffs of all but 25 employees “to fulfill…obligations to its board and partners,” and promising more information regarding its product portfolio in the coming weeks.

Original: Telltale Games, which started as a small company, exploded onto the scene by rescuing Sam and Max from LucasArts, then rocketed to industry ubiquity with The Walking Dead, is officially closing its doors. Moments after rumors began to surface that Telltale Games was being hit with huge layoffs and possibly shutting down, co-founder Kevin Bruner confirmed the news via his Bruner House website.

Bruner left Telltale Games a while back due to differences between himself and the Board of Directors at the time, but obviously still knows what’s going on at the company. He made a statement, which in part says the following:

Today, I’m mostly saddened for the people who are losing their jobs at a studio they love. And I’m also saddened at the loss of a studio that green-lit crazy ideas that no one else would consider. I’m comforted a bit knowing there are now more talented people and studios creating games in the evolving narrative genre. While I look forward to those games and new developments, and continuing to contribute,  I will always find “A Telltale Game” to have been a unique offering.

There you have it. Presumably, the “skeleton crew” as hinted at by earlier reporting will be sticking around to make sure The Walking Dead: The Final Season is released in full, but that will be the end of it.

[Source: Bruner House]