RUMOR: Telltale Games Hit With Massive Layoffs, Possibly Shutting Down

News is breaking that Telltale Games, which is currently in the middle of releasing The Walking Dead: The Final Season, is reportedly experiencing a serious wave of layoffs, and may even be closing down entirely. This news is just hitting, and details are scarce.

Gamasutra, a trusted industry-aimed news outlet, is reporting that several people who were previously employed by Telltale Games have reached out to confirm that the company is, in fact, shutting down. Meanwhile, The Verge has reported that that studio is experiencing huge layoffs, but a staff of about 25 remains employed.

However, those 25 remaining do not necessarily mean that Telltale Games is not closing its doors in some capacity. Earlier this week, Capcom announced that its Dead Rising studio, Capcom Vancouver, was having multiple projects cancelled. This was later updated to confirm that Capcom Vancouver was shutting down, and that a small “skeleton crew” was staying on for a few more months to deal with the logistics of the shutdown.

Telltale Games is right in front of just the second episode releasing of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which comes out next week. Meanwhile, the company previously announced other projects, including a collaboration with Netflix, a new game based on Stranger Things, and a new Fables as well.

We will update the story as the situation becomes more clear.

[Source: The Verge and Gamasutra]