An Extremely Generous No Man’s Sky Player is Giving Away Stasis Devices

One No Man’s Sky player is being compared to Santa Claus, as they have spent the time and effort to amass a collection of one of the game’s most expensive items, and now plans to give it all away. In a Reddit post from Long_Nose_Jim, Mr. Long Nose announced, “spent the last 2 weeks filling one of my haulers, now it’s time to give these all away!” The “these” in the post refer to an inventory full of Stasis Devices, which is apparently the most expensive item in the entire game.

According to Polygon’s Charlie Hall, a single Stasis Device is worth 18 million credits. For comparison’s sake, he points out that a top-shelf freighter, complete with support ships, runs somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 million. This collection of Stasis Devices is worth about 125 of said freighters. That’s kind of ridiculous, to say the least. If a newbie player ends of up the receiving end of this fan giveaway, that will shoot them through the early parts of the game pretty handily, without a doubt.

Long_Nose_Jim is playing on Steam, and posted his username in the Reddit thread, asking players to just add him and hit him up. There’s probably a gold rush at this point, but it looks like there are plenty to go around for a while. It seems like he’s just giving them away to players every night, until he’s out, with no other criteria.

Hopefully players hanging out in the PlayStation 4 version get wind of this (wink, wink), and do something similar! This manner of kindness is rare, however, especially in a survival-type game like No Man’s Sky. But this, along with similar bizarre activities, are exactly why it’s so fascinating to make games in this space multiplayer.

[Source: Reddit via Polygon]