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THQ Nordic Is Bringing Timesplitters Back From the Dead

Timesplitters is back, baby! Or it will be in some form, at some time, hopefully soon. In a press release, THQ Nordic has confirmed the acquisition of yet another dormant IP, this time Timesplitters. THQ Nordic also acquired Second Sight, another IP from developer Free Radical Designs (RIP).

The language used in the press release stated explicitly that, “THQ Nordic today announced the acquisition of the video game trilogy Timesplitters.” It’s hard to say exactly what this means, but since the series was shared between two publishers, one of them being EA, noting the acquisition of all three is pretty important. Could a remastered set be on the horizon?

The last game in the series was Timesplitters: Future Perfect, which was published in 2005 by EA. While well received by critics, the game wasn’t a massive financial success. The fourth game went on to float around in development hell and struggle to land a publisher.

Free Radical Designs became a part of Crytek UK after Haze failed to make an impact, and those still left on that team would eventually become Dambuster Studios, which as of this writing is solely credited with Homefront: Revolution. Dambuster is, notably, part of Deep Silver, which is part of THQ Nordic.

[Source: Cision]