Redeemer Enhanced Edition Won’t Arrive on the PS4 in August 2018

Hoping to play Redeemer: Enhanced Edition this month? Unfortunately, it won’t happen. The previously reported August 2018 launch window for Sobaka Studio’s game, which is published by BUKA Entertainment, has turned into a more general Fall 2018 one.

Redeemer was originally released a year ago on PCs. Now, this beat-em-up is getting an Enhanced Edition for consoles that comes with a few added features, such as improved levels, local co-op, and a new class selection system.

Here’s the gamescom 2018 Redeemer: Enhanced Edition trailer.

You play as Vasily, an elite operative who infiltrated, assassinated, extorted, and tortured others, only for his job to get rid of him. This was followed by twenty years of being a monk. As Redeemer: Enhanced Edition begins, Vasily is forced back to his old ways, as his previous corporation is closing in on him.

The Redeemer: Enhanced Edition trailer starts off depicting a moment of zen in a graphic novel art style, while Vasily narrates. He begins by reflecting on proper meditation practices, stating, “Monks say that when you meditate, you shouldn’t allow your past or fears of the future affect your awareness of the present.” He then states, “It was suppose to be my 1,000th morning of peace. I guess I need to reset that clock.”

This transition launches us into a polar opposite moment. We’re met with aggressive guitar riffs and violent top-down gameplay. The gamescom 2018 trailer shows our lead pulverizing enemies in hand-to-hand combat, using weapons, and even teaming up with a friend to take on the campaign in co-op mode.

We’re still waiting on an official release date, but Redeemer: Enhanced Edition has a Fall 2018 launch window for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Sobaka Studio is a team of five developers, for more work from small studios check out our list of the best PS4 indie games.