omen of sorrow release date

Fight Some Wicked Battles When Omen of Sorrow Releases This November

Publisher SOEDESCO has announced that it’ll be releasing AOne Games’ horror fantasy fighter, Omen of Sorrow, on November 6. The game will also make an appearance at gamescom next week.

A new gameplay trailer accompanied the announcement, which you can check out below.

In case you haven’t been following Omen of Sorrow, here’s an official overview:

Clear your mind, clench your fists and get ready for a wicked battle. Omen of Sorrow delivers a deep fighting system inspired by the classics, bringing back the edge, mindset and philosophy rooted in the genre’s arcade legacy, taking it to the next level with innovative features and mechanics. Join the battle, conquer darkness.


– Revel in perfect design inspired by age-old European myths and legends

– Choose among 12 iconic dark characters, each with unique abilities

– Engage in epic boss fights in a superb single player mode

– Enjoy a flawless online and local multiplayer experience

– Feast your eyes on outstanding Unreal Engine 4 powered graphics

AOne Games previously said that it’ll use a netcode technique called rollback to ensure a “near-lagless” online experience. Players have also been promised a robust combat experience and a battle system that focuses on player skill rather than chance.

Omen of Sorrow will release digitally and physically for the PlayStation 4.