Spider Man Trailer

Marvel’s Spider-Man Gameplay Launch Trailer Shows Shows Miles Morales and Silver Sable

Information has been trickling in ahead of Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4’s September 7, 2018 debut. From more insight into gameplay to the team at Insomniac discussing pressures surrounding characters, all of us have been following the game very closely. Another piece of that puzzle fell into place with a new gameplay launch trailer.

Let’s see what Marvel’s Spider-Man is up to now:

In addition to being another beautiful display of fast-paced action, this Marvel’s Spider-Man trailer offers a good look at some friendly faces and some notable foes. It starts off with Spider-Man immediately springing to action and coming to the aid of Miles Morales. Aunt May shows up with some cute commentary, reminding us to expect some lighthearted cutscenes. If you pay attention, you will see Silver Sable, who may or may not be working for Norman Osborn.

If you are excited, you can preorder Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 ahead of its September 7, 2018. And if you’re a real die-hard fan, you may want to consider picking up that Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Pro as well.

What do you think of Marvel’s Spider-Man so far? Do you think Miles Morales will take on a role as Spider-Man during the game at all? Make your predictions in the comments section.