Omen of Sorrow trailer

Check Out the New Omen of Sorrow Characters in Its Launch Trailer

In a developer update for Omen of Sorrow, Co-Founder and Technical Director of AOne Games Sebastian Gana showed off the game’s new launch trailer. The video not only sets the stage, but also introduces two new characters to the roster of fighters inspired by gothic European myths and horrors: Arctorious, the Headless Horseman and Thalessa, the Invisible Queen.

In Omen of Sorrow, people fight with Dracula-inspired Vladislav III, Frankenstein’s monster, the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s Quasimodo, and a range of other characters in harrowing locations. You’ll go from Flaming Forest and Doctor Frankenstein’s Lab to the derelict Bell Tower of a church in the heart of Paris, to name a few locations.

There are also several modes within Omen of Sorrow, as described by Gana:

It has been our intention to provide players with varied single player content, which is why we’ve added a dark Story mode, in which you will be able to be part of the despair and madness in which the characters are involved in, as they search for the manuscript known as the Omen of Sorrow. The story plays out in branches, and you will have to play as different characters as you continue to progress and unlock new chapters in the story. Staying in the single player mode offerings, you will also find a classic Arcade mode, in which you will have to go through the gauntlet and end up facing a final boss. You will have to learn to dominate these battles so that you can unlock new characters for your roster!

In addition to the Story and Arcade modes, some other modes were revealed. Training is there, for those that feel the need to brush up on their skills. Local and online multiplayer is present for when two players that want to test their skills against one another. You’ll fight in either ranked or casual matches online, depending on how ferocious you’re feeling, and up to twelve players can be in a lobby.

An unexpected production issue has set the release of physical copies in the United States back to November 20, 2018, so unfortunately people who want in right away have to go digital. In other sad news, both of its demos were available for a limited time, so you can’t try it before you buy it.

Who’s excited to make heads roll (with the exception of Arctorious) in Omen of Sorrow? Let us know what you think of the game in the comments.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]