Greatness Awaits Your Remote Collection With PDP’s Cloud-Based PS4 Media Remote and App


Sony and PDP have partnered up to introduce a new, officially-licensed remote for the PlayStation 4 that is designed to take total control of your PS4-centered entertainment setup. The PS4 Cloud Remote uses a combination of Bluetooth and a cloud-based application to auto-detect your enabled devices, sync with your TV, and ideally eliminate the need for other remotes. Think of it as a way to power all your PS4 media streaming needs.

ps4 cloud remote app

The device launches on September 18, 2018 at a retail price of $29.99. It’s now available for preorder through GameStop and Amazon as well. Here’s the official product description:

  • Hassle-free cloud-assisted Technology for programming remote

  • Uses Bluetooth wireless Technology to manage media playback of PS4 streaming and live apps

  • Includes controls for power, input, and volume for TVs

  • Access all essential controls under One thumb with a sleek and compact design

  • Dedicated PS4 Buttons: features the most important Buttons for navigating system menus and apps including the action Buttons, share, options, and PS Buttons

The PS4 Cloud Remote intends to use the downloadable app to circumvent complicated instructions and clumsy pairing. It is also meant to eliminate fumbling, using only the minimum buttons needed to control the TV and PS4 itself. PDP’s John Moore provided the following quote in a press release:

We created the Cloud Remote to address an increasing need for a simpler remote that helps deliver a more streamlined experience for accessing PlayStation 4 system’s media and entertainment apps. In response, we are thrilled to offer a PDP Cloud Remote app that makes it possible for PS4 system owners to quickly set-up and manage all controls under one thumb!

[Source: Amazon (Affiliate Link)]