Sega’s Toshihiro Nagoshi is Preparing Something Big

Sega chief creative officer and walking Yakuza advertisement Toshihiro Nagoshi dropped some interesting hints that something big is coming from Sega, something that has been several years in the making so far. This comes from the latest Sega-Nama broadcast, which is a regular online show from Sega in Japan that is hosted by Nagoshi and Ayana Tsubaki. Coverage of the stream in Japan was translated by Gematsu.

The big tease came after Tsubaki asked her co-host if things are going to be pretty quiet, now that Yakuza Online has been officially unveiled. Nagoshi said that not only will that not be the case, but the next Sega-Nama, which will land next month around Tokyo Game Show, will be about a new game, one that will “turn things upside down.”

It’s not entirely clear, but this could be in reference to Yazuka developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, as Tsubaki mentions that the studio has been a consistent presence at Tokyo Game Show for a while now, either delivering its own presentation or being a participant in the PlayStation press conference that takes place just ahead of the event.

Nagoshi said this title has been in the works for three years, that it is “something truly different,” and that we will definitely know what it is sometime between now and the end of September.

[Source: Gematsu via Games Talk and Hachima Kikou]