Wild Arms: Million Memories Brings Sony’s Western-ish RPG Series to Mobile

Sony’s mobile publisher, ForwardWorks, has officially unveiled a new mobile game based on the long-running Wild Arms series. Wild Arms: Million Memories will be launching for iOS and Android mobile devices soon in Japan, and it will hopefully make its way to other territories after. It’s a free to play action-RPG and has a roster-building system that brings in characters from all across the Wild Arms series.

Gematsu was able to translate some of the information, straight from the Wild Arms: Million Memories official website, including a story intro:

The ruined planet, Filgaia.

Ashley, Virginia, Jude, Dean, and Clarissa—adventurers known as “Migrant Birds”—were in trouble due to Mother, the leader of the Metal Demons.

Are they not able to stop mother’s plan? Will they have to accept their fate of despair?

Mother’s crazy laughter echoes.

Countermeasures against the worst possible situation should have been devised, and yet such a situation is occurring…

“Why did you betray everyone? Rudy…”

Fates will cross, and feelings will connect—-.

Wild Arms: Million Memories will be structurally familiar to anyone who has played similar games before. In terms of combat, it’s action-based, with simple touch and swipe controls that reward you for well-timed dodging. Using the infamous ARMs (which come in card form this time) is where all the real fanservice lives.

[Source: Gematsu]