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6th Wild ARMs Actually Happening, Maybe? Possibly? Job Listing Adds to Evidence

The possible release of a Wild ARMs 6 has been teased for quite a long time now. Even in the PlayStation 3’s early days, rumors would pop up every now and then. Unfortunately for fans, they never had any more credibility than the usual “my uncle works for Nintendo” story. However, now your uncle might use his Nintendo experience as resume builder… if he wants to work on Wild ARMs, that is.

NeoGAF users have spotted a job listing for a 3D character modeler, who would work on a yet-unannounced PlayStation 4 RPG which SFと西部劇を融合させた世界観が人気のゲーム開発企業… or rather, “blends sci-fi with the Wild West.” Sound familiar? The company’s name was kept out of the listing, but the job’s location is posted as the Koto district of Kiba, Tokyo, which is where Wild ARMs developer Media.Vision is based.

The last Wild ARMs game was Wild ARMS XF for PSP, released in 2008. The last TV console game in the series was Wild ARMs 5, which arrived on PS2 in 2007.

This series was a fan favorite among RPG players in the PlayStation and PS2 eras, and is perhaps best known for the first title having one of the most kickass opening songs in all of gaming.

This is currently just conjecture, but that’s never stopped anyone from celebrating before.

Is it time to get Wild up in this bitch?