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Wild ARMs 6 on the Table?

In today’s non-news of non-announcements, people close to the Wild ARMs series are interested in a revival.At a Tokaigi 2015 special broadcast, Kentaro Motomura, who has served as a producer in some Wild ARMs games, read a note from series creator Akifumi Kaneko.

Kaneko said that demand is admittedly not huge, but there has always been personal interest in continuing the series. The hope, shared among many close to the franchise, is that the Tokaigi broadcast and word of mouth can create more demand, therefore bringing personal hopes into reality.

Nothing is in development at this time.

The last Wild ARMs game was Wild ARMS XF for PSP, released in 2008. The last TV console game in the series was Wild ARMs 5, which arrived on PS2 in 2007.

[Source = Famitsu]