Psychological Thriller Blind Gets a PSVR Release Date

Published by Fellow Traveller (previously known as Surprise Attack) and developed by Tiny Bull Studios, Blind is a story-driven psychological thriller coming to PSVR on September 18, 2018. In the game, you play as a woman who wakes up in a strange room and has little memory of how she got there. Worst of all, she realizes she has lost her sight.

Blind takes place from a first-person perspective. Your sight is extremely limited, but you can navigate the space by tapping your probing cane. This tapping allows you to utilize echolocation, momentarily making your environment visible. In that sense, the gameplay sounds similar to Perception, but hopefully this is better received.

Find your way out of Blind‘s mansion by solving puzzles, ultimately uncovering the mystery behind this situation.

Below are the features listed on Fellow Traveller’s official website:

Navigate using echolocation

Learn to navigate carefully and cautiously using your cane. Send out soundwaves to reveal your surroundings briefly before they fade into darkness. Gramophones and other objects that make sound become lighthouses in the all-encompassing blackness.

Immerse yourself in an unfamiliar world

Built from the ground up for virtual reality and supporting binaural audio and motion control, Blind is a fully immersive and unique experience that removes you from the world you are used to, and forces you to rely on a different range of senses.

What is it that you don’t see?

Where are you? Who is the Warden? Why has he kidnapped you and why does he want you to solve the puzzles in this strange and yet somehow eerily familiar place? Experience a constant anxiety and emotional tension as you travel deeper into a mansion riddled with puzzles and dangers. As you search for answers, will you find things you’d rather not see?

Blind releases on the PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift on September 18, 2018 for $24.99

[Source: Push Square]