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Partake in World of Tanks: Mercenaries’ September Events and Unlock Some Powerful Tanks

As Wargaming continues to celebrate 17 million players in World of Tanks: Mercenaries, the developer has announced new events for the month of September 2018 that guarantee awesome in-game prizes and the chance to unlock some powerful tanks.

The first event, Take Point, runs until September 28. Players simply need to jump into the game and complete daily Ops to earn points, which unlock prizes ranging from Silver, Consumables, and Premium time, to the Scourge Kirovets-1 tank.

The Fight For Your Academy event runs from September 19 to 23. Players will be assigned to an academy at random that they will represent in battle. Alongside XP, those who score the most completions for their academy will receive Premium time and Crew vouchers.

Last but not least, players can take on Contracts to unlock the following tanks, as detailed by Wargaming:

  • SmoothMan (available September 18): A mobile Medium Tank with great armor. It’s captained by Blood Falcon, an all-American hero with an incredible fighting spirit.
  • Caboose (available September 18): A Light Tank that’s a potent union of Japanese and German engineering prowess. It’s manned by Hidden Death, a Chinese Mercenary who fights to protect and support his family.
  • Thresher (available September 25): A well-armored Light Tank with an aggressive weapon. It’s operated by Dark Fox, a New Zealander who served under British command during World War II before going rogue and seeking revenge against Axis forces.
  • Stubbs (available September 25): A reckless Light Tank that moves like a snake and strikes with the same rapid intensity. It was commandeered by Crazy Snake, an erratic, aggressive, and unhinged Mercenary who can distract enemies as his teammates go for the jugular.
  • Bulwark (available September 25): A hulking Heavy Tank that can soak up a lot of punishment on behalf of its allies. It’s under the command of Exiled Wolf, a self-reliant and formidable American Mercenary.

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