The PlayStation Gear Brand is Doing ‘Something Awesome’

It seems like some kind of relaunch for the PlayStation Gear brand is on the way. The PlayStation Gear website was long the source of all kinds of PlayStation-focused merchandise, and the brand itself is used for various convention and event appearances where even more PlayStation fans can trade cash for merch. But not long ago, the website seemed to have been killed off, replaced with a GameStop-slash-Think Geek partnership. Now, things are changing once again.

Before, without much in the way of an announcement, the PlayStation Gear website URL was quietly redirected to GameStop’s official website, where various pieces of branded merchandise could still be purchased. Now that URL redirect is gone, and has been replaced with a signup widget for a mailing list. As you can see in the screenshot above, the new website promises that “something awesome” is imminent, and that subscribing to the mailing list will net fans “an exclusive invite.”

It’s possible that we’re on the verge of a new storefront from PlayStation Gear, with the GameStop business being some sort of placeholder while things got moving behind the scenes. But that’s just thinking out loud until signing up for that mailing list leads to an official announcement, and we learn exactly what’s going on.

[Source: PlayStation Gear]