Dragon Quest XI Erik Bring Arts Figure Gives Life to Our Stabby Best Friend

Erik, the Luminary’s best friend and perhaps most directly valuable party member in terms of pure physical damage, is being brought to life in an expensive way with a new Dragon Quest XI Bring Arts figure. Square Enix announced the figure as open for preorders through its Square Enix Merchandise Twitter account giving it a March 2019 release window and early preorder discount for anyone who commits before October 4, 2018.

The figure costs a whopping $89.99, but you can shave off 10% by ordering it before that previously mentioned cutoff date. This is a serious figure, with tons of detail, points of articulation, and accessories such as weapons, three different heads, a treasure chest, and and bunch of changeable hands. There’s even a little Dracky that comes included with its own, little stand, and anyone who recognizes my byline here knows I’m a big fan of Dragon Quest‘s illustrious bestiary.

Perhaps most impressive is a detail included in the figure’s store listing that states that figure is designed with the physical difference between the Luminary and Erik in mind.  You can compare the two by checking out the previously released Bring Arts for the Luminary, which is linked to on Erik’s listing and comes in two variants, one with a metal slime packed in.

[Source: Twitter]