Bethesda Plans to Announce Fallout 76 Beta Details Soon

Despite Fallout 76‘s fast approaching release date, there are still myriad questions surrounding the beta, which launches in October 2018. Bethesda hasn’t set a specific date for the beta’s launch, nor have details about the length of the beta emerged. Details are coming soon, though.

Bethesda’s Senior VP of Global Marketing and Communications, Pete Hines, said as much in a response to fans on Twitter. When asked about how long Fallout 76’s beta will last, Hines answered with the following:

Typically, betas, especially those that go live right before a game’s official launch, are only active for a few days. However, Bethesda’s flair for subverting expectations could alter the status quo. For some, the dearth of information has been quite troubling, particularly because beta access necessitates a Fallout 76 preorder. According to recent statements from Pete Hines, preordering is the only way of gaining access.

What has been made clear is the beta’s content. The Fallout 76 beta will consist of the full game. Furthermore, players can carry all progress made during the testing period into the main game when it drops this fall.

Fallout 76 arrives on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on November 14, 2018.

[Source: Pete Hines’ Twitter]