Root Letter: Last Answer Details Revealed Alongside a New Trailer

Not long ago, Root Letter: Last Answer was officially revealed to be a remake of the original game, but with all the illustrations replaced with live action imagery. The game also includes new scenarios and some gameplay changes. Now, Kadokawa Games has elaborated on all that, giving details on the new scenarios, releasing several screenshots, explaining the gameplay changes, and of course releasing a new trailer.

Take a look at Root Letter: Last Answer.

Notably, the new visuals are presented in a “Drama Mode,” meaning this version of the game and its new content can also be played with the illustrated visuals via “Original Mode.” This effectively makes Root Letter: Last Answer an all-in-one package. The new scenarios are presented in the form of four new “Resolution” chapters that are all set after the events of the first game, ostensibly wrapping up loose ends.

Finally, there are six distinct changes to the actual gameplay in Root Letter: Last Answer, which are detailed below and were translated by Gematsu:

  • Route Branching Condition Improvements – Every ending, except for the “True Ending (Marriage Route),” can be attained from the first playthrough. Enjoy the story in the order of your choosing.
  • Skip Functionality Improvements – Skip points on and after the second playthrough have been revised, further shortening the time necessary for multiple playthroughs. Enjoy every story more smoothly.
  • Route Clear Icon Improvements – The icon display in the “Menu” screen has been changed to make it easier to understand if each route has been cleared.
  • Item UI Improvements – Changes have been made to display the items you have on-hand at a glance when using the “Inventory” command.
  • Response Improvements – Some direction of the exploration and investigation parts have been revised, and response has been improved.
  • Trophy Acquisition Improvements – Accompanying the addition of new trophies, the acquisition conditions of some returning trophies has been made easier to obtain.

Root Letter: Last Answer is set for release on December 20, 2018 in Japan. No localization news has come yet, but the original game did come over.

[Source: Gematsu]