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These Fortnite Funko Pops Don’t Seem to Include a Llama

As a popular media franchise (and that’s putting it very lightly), it was inevitable that Fortnite was going to get the Funko Pop treatment. First announced in July 2018, this is the first look we’ve gotten at the line of figures. Some of Fortnite’s most iconic characters will be immortalized in vinyl.

Check out the newly-revealed line here:

Of course, some of the usual suspects are here. Cuddle Team Leader, Black Knight, and Brite Bomber are only a few of the more than a dozen figures to be released. Two of the figures, Codename E.L.F and Crackshot, are exclusive to Target and Walmart, respectively.

Curiously, a llama figure, which many had assumed to be a no-brainer, is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps the line has yet to be fully revealed? It’s likely we’ll see more figures introduced down the line, as Funko is known to do, so maybe we’ll see those figures then.

The Fortnite Funko line will be releasing sometime in November 2018. Season 6 of the video game sensation recently launched and brought pets into play. (Seriously, when are we gonna see those get turned into Pops?) Only time will tell if any of the newest season’s spooky costumes will prove popular enough to get the vinyl figure treatment.

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