Project Judge’s Main Story Can Be Finished in About 30 Hours

Details are steadily emerging about Ryu ga Gotoku Studio’s forthcoming action title, Project Judge. Fans of the development team’s Yakuza series are already in for a treat, considering the gameplay and stellar ensemble cast of characters. There’s another staple of the Yakuza franchise that Project Judge will also feature—a lengthy narrative with dozens of hours of playtime.

In an interview with Bahamut, Project Judge Producer Kazuki Hosokawa revealed the game’s main storyline may take 30 to 35 hours to complete. These numbers do not account for the completion of all side missions and miscellaneous activities. However, Hosokawa did note that players will want to play through some sidequests to keep up with the difficulty. Completing the main story and all sidequests could take upwards of 70 to 80 hours. Meanwhile, Hosokawa added, players will probably invest 100 to 200 hours in collecting all trophies for Project Judge’s Platinum.

Sega announced Project Judge days before Tokyo Game Show 2018 kicked off. Since then, the publisher has shown off the game’s opening movie, which came equipped with quite an appealing tune. In addition, those interested in Project Judge are not starving for gameplay, as Sega consistently releases new footage. The most recent roll out of videos saw extended trailers for both gameplay and story hit the web. These videos feature combat and mini-games like hacking and lock picking. They also tease disguises that protagonist Takayuki Yagami will put to use when navigating through the world.

Project Judge launches in Asian territories on December 13, 2018. Apart from a 2019 release window, Sega’s keeping quiet on the Western street date.

[Source: Bahamut via GamingBolt]