control boss battle

Get a Look at One of the Control Boss Battles

During EGX 2018, Remedy’s Vida Starcevic sat down with PlayStation Access to show off Control gameplay. Much of the footage has been previously seen. However, there is a section towards the end that debuts a boss battle of sorts. In addition to showcasing new footage, Starcevic also offered more details about gameplay and Control’s story.

Protagonist Jesse Faden arrives at the Bureau for a job interview. In typical Remedy fashion, everything goes terribly wrong. A supernatural enemy known as the Hiss kills the Bureau’s director. Consequently, Jesse must take over the role of director. Interestingly, the enemies shown are people possessed by the Hiss. According to Starcevic, once the Hiss gain control, there’s no way to save the possessed individual.

Jesse’s supernatural abilities and service weapon help her navigate through the bizarre world of the Oldest House, Control’s setting. Both Jesse’s abilities and her gun are upgradeable. The gun has “several different forms,” two of which are on display in this new footage. One form, “grip,” acts as a standard pistol setting. “Shatter” is the other and appears to have a spread resembling that of a shotgun.

Jesse’s telekinetic abilities have a cooldown. However, Starcevic noted these details are a work in progress. She also explained that since the recording of this footage, things have changed that Remedy’s not yet ready to unveil. A new aspect of the gameplay that fans haven’t seen is Jesse’s ability to pick up and throw dead bodies. The last we heard of this skill was about its being a new addition. It’s cool to see it properly in action. Jesse can interact with a lot of other objects, too. Starcevic teased, “if you can pick it up, you can blow it up.”

A little over five minutes into the demo, Jesse performs a ritual to rid the environment of the Hiss. Afterwards, the area appears more vibrant, allowing her to explore freely. Starcevic explained Control in its entirety takes place in the Oldest House, described as a “world within a place.”

The 15:30 timestamp denotes the start of the boss encounter. Apparently, this “technically” doesn’t count as a boss, since this enemy is simply more powerful that the average Control foe. But true boss fights do feature in the game, offering much more of a challenge. When we’ll get to see them in action remains to be seen.

Remedy has yet to provide a release date for Control.