Learn How Battlefield V Lets Players Customize Weapons

DICE has just released the third Battlefield V behind the scenes video, in which different members from the team sit down to discuss the many changes and improvements coming to this installment. This latest episode is all about weapon specializations and customization.

David Sirland, DICE’s Multiplayer Producer, wanted to give a quick update about “soldier visibility,” before the video dove into the weaponry. Sirland expressed that complaints from Battlefield V beta players regarding low visibility in maps will be addressed. Fans were worried that the game had sacrificed its vibrant colors for the sake of unwanted visibility levels. Sirland assures fans that this will not be the case.

Erik Ortman, DICE’s Lead Engagement Designer, also discussed feedback from the Battlefield V beta regarding weapon specializations. Rather than them being a simple statistical upgrade, Ortman stresses that the goal of weapon specializations is to alter the manner in which players engage with their enemies. One specialization might help you switch weapons 15% faster and shoot sooner after sprinting, while another might help you aim your weapon sights at lightning speeds.

Game Designers Florian Le Bihan and Adriaan De Ruijter also made an appearance to talk about Battlefield V’s general direction in gunplay, discussing their optimization of weapons spread and making weapons feel as visceral as possible. The ambition is to make players feel as though their control of weapons is unparalleled against other first-person shooters.

How is this sounding to potential players and long time fans? Are DICE on the right track after taking feedback from the beta? Let us know in the comments.

Battlefield V comes out on November 20, 2018.

[Source: Youtube]