Mass Effect Design Challenge Begins In Celebration of N7 Day

BioWare is partnering up with For Fans By Fans to give Mass Effect lovers a chance to design their very own custom T-shirts, wallets, messenger bags, and art prints for the upcoming annual N7 Day. Selected designs will receive:

  • A limited edition set of Mass Effect Peripherals from Logitech
  • A gift package from BioWare
  • Commission on Sales

Designs must be submitted no later than October 25, 2018, with ratings being open until November 9, 2018.

N7 Day

Participants of the challenge will use Fan Forge, an open gallery for artists to submit their fan art and ideas involving their favorite properties. It’s a place where design ideas can be shared and rated by the community for the chance to become actual licensed properties. The incentive of commission through wholesale and convention displays should be more than enough reason for fans of the series to throw their designs up.

Although the Logitech equipment the winner will receive is of an Andromeda design, sporting a sleek white and blue design, those participating in the challenge are not limited to the most recent title in the Mass Effect series.

Are there any artists out there willing to put their stuff up for review? Let us know what you’ve got down in the comments!

[Source: For Fans By Fans via Twitter]