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Massive Conan Exiles Update Comes Bearing Pets and Weapons

Following the sales success of Conan Exiles, developer Funcon has detailed a massive update for the survival game. There are now pets, new fighting styles, and more weapons! It is a rather big update.

Check out the overview of Conan Exiles update 34 here:

There are new additions for every kind of person. The addition of pets allows you to have a faithful companion to stay by your side. To get a pet, you will first need a baby and/or an egg. You will be able to grow your pet from a baby to a fully-grown and fearsome adult. What kind of adult they turn into depends on what you feed it, and feeding it its favorite snacks will give your pet with special buffs.

The Conan Exiles update also sees the introduction of a new religion, though it seems to take a bit of legwork to unlock it. You’ll have to find a follower of Jhebbal Sag, craft a special potion, and face the primal god. If you’re worthy, you will have access to a number of exclusive recipes, including lures to attract animals and potions to increase accuracy.

Finally, the update includes the introduction of new special weapons for dual wielding. Both weapons will be off-hand and will introduce new combos to take down your enemies. There will also be new specialist arrows that allow for even more freedom of combat. These include light arrows, utility arrows, and more.

The update is now live on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. We weren’t particularly impressed with Conan Exiles, although it has remained popular. Are you excited for this new update? Let us know!

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