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A ‘Larger Update’ is Coming to Conan Exiles in 2020, Continues Its ‘Strong Performance’ as Live-Service Game

Despite mixed reviews from many outlets, including PSLS, open-world survival game Conan Exiles has sold well for developer/publisher Funcom. Conan Exiles has continued to receive support since its release in 2018 and will be getting more content in 2020. Recently, Funcom held a financial earnings call, in which the company’s CEO Rui Casais discussed what the future holds for Conan Exiles, although specific sales figures were not shared.

Casais said the game has continued its “strong performance” as a live-service game, with many players flocking to enjoy new content over the past two years. A “larger update” is planned for some time at the beginning of 2020, although no release date was given. During a Q&A session, the CEO teased that the “larger update” could plan for the expansion of the game’s map.

 The current map of Conan Exiles is definitely reaching its limit. […] How the team exactly is doing it, they will reveal when the time is right.

When Conan Exiles was in early access, it featured only a single biome (the desert area), which was then expanded upon through various updates that added other biomes like the jungle, etc. Funcom’s original stance was that no further updates would be coming, but changes in leadership on the design team and ongoing success of the game may have altered that course.

Much of its success could be due in part to it being available as a free PS Plus game earlier in April of 2019. This addition may have pulled in a group of players who were there to stay for the long haul. And considering you could (at least at the time) earn the game’s Platinum trophy in less than two hours thanks to console commands, Conan Exiles has seen its fair share of players at least download the game for an easy Platinum.

At this point, we have no additional details on what Conan Exile’s future in 2020 looks like, but confidence is high at Funcom and there’s clearly something big coming.

[Source: Twinfinite]