Who’s Ready for an Earthfall Horde Mode?

The newest update for Earthfall is on its way. Holospark announced that the upcoming “Invasion” update will be launching on October 30, 2018. Among the new features added will be a highly-requested Horde mode.

Naturally, Horde mode will have you face off against wave after wave of unrelenting enemies. It will include a progression system that opens up 50 new levels of cosmetics and abilities. Four maps come with this mode, giving Earthfall quite a bit of new content.

In addition, Holospark has worked with the Formosa Group, who contributed to projects such as The Last of Us and Blade Runner 2049, to completely overhaul the weapon soundsHolospark promised this new audio “adds to the cinematic immersion” of Earthfall.

Holospark even released a dev diary detailing the new audio changes:

Invasion was the last of the three planned free updates for Earthfall, following Inferno and Militia. Invasion was billed as the “major update,” and with a new mode and overhauled audio, that sounds about right. The update will also include new missions, outfits, and weapon skins.

In our Earthfall review, we said it “somewhat succeeds” at its goal, but that it pales in comparison to other shooters. Eartlfall is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Invasion update goes live on October 30, 2018.