Ranking Spider-Man PS4’s Best Backpacks

Insomniac’s Spider-Man for PS4 hit store shelves around the same time that kids all over the United States were heading back to school. So, it’s in the spirit of the season that the best collectibles in the game are the 55 backpacks scattered across Manhattan.

As we’ve noted before, the collectibles in Spider-Man PS4 are one of the best parts of the game. Even by that high bar, the backpacks are a cut above—sketching, coloring, and inking a pitch-perfect backstory for an older, wiser Peter Parker who’s been doing the superhero thing for eight long years.

Hunting down all 55 book bags will net you all sorts of interesting lore. Want a glimpse at how the people of New York feel about their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? The answers are in the backpacks. Care for an inside look at how the red-and-blue vigilante’s suit changed over the years to take on its current iconic form? The answers are in the backpacks. Desperate for a dive into Peter Parker’s romantic history with Mary Jane? Again: backpacks.

And if you think that Spider-Man having 55 backpacks in the first place is a ridiculous, video game-y narrative conceit, well, my friend, there’s even a backpack for you.

In this list, we’ve ranked the 13 most interesting backpacks in Spider-Man for PS4. “Most interesting” is a little vague, I’ll admit, so here are the criteria I used to determine our list.

  • Does the collectible have a broader significance within the lore of Spider-Man and the Marvel universe?
  • Does the collectible help us better understand Peter Parker’s backstory and his relationships to the other characters in the games?
  • Did this collectible makes us laugh?

Overall, Spider-Man PS4 is one of the best games of the year. Its traversal makes the simple act of getting from A to B enjoyable. It helps that Insomniac has fascinating bits of lore waiting for you once you arrive.

Feel free to argue with our choices in the comments below.

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