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All 28 Marvel’s Spider Man PS4 Suits Ranked From Worst to Best

Players are beginning to discover the wonders of Marvel’s Spider-Man now that the long awaited game is finally out, and one of the most fun parts is unlocking and using the variety of suits in the game. Spider-Man’s storied history means the character has a lot of interesting places to pull from, and Insomniac chose some of the best to include. We loved some and weren’t so fond of others. While one stood out above all the rest, we wanted to try to rank all 28 Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 suits from worst to best, which turned out to be quite the task.

We tried to get interesting photo mode captures of each suit, though some we have yet to unlock (which is why you have to deal with the boring menu images). Our criteria for ranking was highly scientific, using factors such as how cool they looked and their place within Spidey’s history. Take a look and see if you agree with our list below.

Be warned that there are possible light spoilers for late-game unlockable suits as we do reveal and show off every one in the game.

All 28 Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Suits Ranked

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What did you think of our Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 suits ranking? Do you agree with our pick for number one? Which one is your favorite. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.