Warriors Orochi 4’s Character Ranking Spotlight Continues with Warriors Orochi 4 Lu Lingqi

We started the Warriors Orochi character popularity poll results with the fox-demon-person Kyubi in the number ten spot, and now Koei Tecmo has dropped a new video showing off the number nine character. This time around it’s Lu Lingqi, who has an interesting background for sure.

Lu Lingqi has been with the series since Dynasty Warriors 8, and is loosely based on the daughter of Lu Bu, who Musou fans know as the large and scary spear man who should never be pursued. I say “loosely,” because very little is known historically about Lu Bu’s daughter, so even her name in the Warriors series is fictional.

As you can see in the video, Lu Lingqi fights with a spear just like her infamous father, except her spear splits into four blades as what can only be described as a murder pinwheel. It’s so powerful it creates massive gusts of wind, which she uses to bring enemies behind her into her forward-facing attacks.

Lu Lingqi has been popular ever since she was introduced, making her way into multiple top ten spots in Koei Tecmo’s character polls. So it’s no surprise at all to see her here in the top ten, even with a game that has so many characters it landed a Guinness World Record.

[Source: YouTube]