Battlefield V War Stories Gameplay and Trailer Coming Soon

If you’re not interested in the multiplayer aspects of Battlefield V, and/or need to see more of its campaign, then you’ll want tune in this week. DICE’s Eric Holmes, who serves as Battlefield V War Stories design director, has announced in a brief video message on Reddit that the developer will be releasing new gameplay and an “awesome” new trailer alongside blog posts detailing the single-player mode.

An official description of War Stories, which debuted in Battlefield 1, is as follows:

The War Stories experience is a way for us to put World War II into perspective through on-the-ground accounts of people wrapped in the broader conflict, told the Battlefield way. In Nordlys, as well as our other War Stories, you won’t come across any super heroes performing crazy stunts and saving the world all by themselves. Instead, you’ll step into the all-too-human shoes of people who, in their own way, played a part in shaping the modern world.

Using the popular anthology format introduced in Battlefield 1, each War Story will take players to unexpected fronts, such as the scorching North African desert, the sublime but hostile Norwegian mountains, and several other locations.

Battlefield V will release on November 20, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Reddit]