Destiny 2 Dreadnaught Glitch May Have Leaked a Future Location in the Game

As players begin the busiest week in Destiny 2’s history—with Festival of the Lost, Iron Banner double Valor, and the third week of the curse bringing Shattered Throne back—an interesting glitch in one of the game’s loading screens may be hinting at an upcoming location players will visit. Discovered by Destiny content creator Houndish and corroborated by additional people on the Destiny subbreddit, occasionally Destiny 2 will feature unfinished loading screens that match up with the original game’s Dreadnaught patrol location.

The Dreadnaught was a location introduced in Destiny: The Taken King, widely considered to be the best expansion in Destiny’s history before Forsaken launched. It was Oryx’s ship and has a lot of ties to current environments and lore points in the game, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see it return. In fact, the final cutscene of Destiny 2 hints at all of the expansions future locations, first showing Mercury, Mars, and the Reef, which each line up with Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and Forsaken. Finally the scene shows the Dreadnaught in the rings of Saturn, which has yet to be seen in Destiny 2. Players expect that it will turn up in one of the Destiny 2 Annual Pass content drops, possibly coming as soon as Black Armory in December.

Houndish discovered the Destiny 2 Dreadnaught glitch when he attempted to join a friend doing an Adventure on Titan. Instead of the typical fly-in above Titan’s surface, he was treated to an unfinished loading screen above the rocky rings of Saturn, complete with the classic Dreadnaught music from Destiny 1. Another Reddit user corroborated this with their own loading screen showing a Destiny 2 exclusive ship flying down into the derelict Dreadnaught in the rings of Saturn. Titan is one of the moons of Saturn, which is something to consider when looking at these glitched loading screens. Houndish’s footage is from a PS4 console, based on the menu icons.

It’s possible this all means nothing, but it seems odd that these loading screens would be in thegame and just now showing up. Bungie does like to preload certain aspects of their content in with new patches to decrease the future load on the game and allow for more real-time live events and updates, but the discovery of this Destiny 2 Dreadnaught glitch didn’t happen right after a major patch when it was discovered a few days ago.

Coinciding with today’s weekly reset, Festival of the Lost, and a whole host of other activities, Bungie released update 2.0.4, which brings a fair number of fixes to small issues the game has had since Forsaken launched in September.

What do you think of the Destiny 2 Dreadnaught loading screen glitch? Are we bound to head back to Oryx’s ship, or are these screens some leftover code that somehow bubbled up to the surface?